Projections for theatre

Cooperation study project
FreiFrau und Theaters of Münster
Münster School of Design
Individual and partner work with 
Michelle Roth und Lena Symanzik

My Part
Concept, Communication Director and 
Actors, Photography, Animation
For a theater cooperation we developed a stage concept bases on projections. In October 2018, a theater event brought together 24 one-hour stage plays and the professionals of Münster's theater community. I developed projections for three of these performances – individually and in a team.
               One of the results was a sunrise located in a bird sanctuary, which developed in time-lapse with individual images. Another play got a morph of three faces, matching the merger of three characters. The third play worked with temporal leaps and leads through the history of Münster. The final formats are three films and animations for projections which allowed an uncomplicated change between the single plays and theaters.

Original speed of one morph

40 minutes in 1 minute

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