Finals Münster School of Design

Münster School of Design
Common project with Rebecca Arnold, Julia Berger, Katharina Bergmann, Verena Sofie Brennecke, Nicole Dubois, Mara Gellenbeck, Katharina Hermsdorff, Lisa-Marie Jäger, Beatrice Kaever, Thomas Klimek, Stella Koo, Christin Kruse, Janine Kruse, Franziska Lotz, Linda Lübbering, Sebastian Menting, Dana Maria Rechtien, Nadine Rosengärtner, Michelle Roth, Louisa Ruschmeier, Alexander Stricker, Danya Wilde, Pia Willing

Winter semester 20/21

My Part
Exhibition catalog, Portraits of graduating, Website, Photography
Parcours is the final exhibition of the Münster School of Design. In winter semester 19/20 our task was to analyze the existing approach, to concentrate on important values and to sharpen them.
               The multidisciplinary nature of the university is reflected in the graduation projects, but also in the visual appearance of the event. We have developed a dynamic and transmedia identity with variable and fixed elements. This creates a common framework which offers enough possibilities to work out a unique visual identity for the exhibition in each semester.
             The concept was transferred to a modular exhibition system, exhibition catalog and digital platforms such as social media and a website.

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