Concept photography half year program

Job project
Katholisch-soziale Akademie Franz Hitze Haus, Münster
Timing 6 weeks, 

My Part
Concept, Photography, Presentation
I developed a series of concept photographs for the half year program booklet of the Franz Hitze Haus in Münster. The academy offers space for events in the field of political, social, theological, cultural and science-related education and encounters.
               A moment is always perceived subjectively. You can capture these moments with photography. But how do you capture a place with so much change? From the creation of the house, the architectural styles, the art, the topics of discussion to the changing audience. A whole day in the Franz Hitze Haus can also be experienced in very different ways. The numerous window areas create a direct reference to the outside world and nature. The outer and inner atmosphere are constantly in direct contact with each other.
               The photographs show places from different perspectives. They capture the same thing, but always a little different. They overlay and blend. This creates an analogy to the fusion of perspectives and points of view, based on the events in the Franz Hitze House.

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