Inkognita – The Female Issue

Münster School of Design
Common project with Verena Sofie Brennecke, Nicole Dubois, Mara Gellenbeck, Katharina Hermsdorff, Lisa-Marie Jäger, Beatrice Kaever, Thomas Klimek, Stella Koo, Janine Kruse, Franziska Lotz, Linda Lübbering, Sebastian Menting, Dana Maria Rechtien, Michelle Roth, Louisa Ruschmeier, Danya Wilde
Summer semester 2020

My Part
Project management, Editorial, Layout, Illustration, Film
FRAEK creates a discourse in the internal university context in connection with the external regional, national and international design world. Through to the cooperation with current and former students of the Münster School of Design, various designers and renowned institutions such as Form, we created a composition of existing ambitious journalistic content and new, unconventional, approachable content. The first issue of FRAEK magazine addresses the question of why women are still remain unseen in the design industry. »The Female Issue«  makes female designers and the obstacles that they are facing visible.
               The concept was implemented in a team of 17 female and male students, and an individualized edition of 300 magazines was launched in the context of the Münster School of Design.

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