Magazine for social transformation

Münster School of Design

Winter semester 20/21

My part
Concept, Editorial design,
Riso printing & manufacturing
With Fridays for Future, topics related to climate change got a voice in the middle of society. However, the debate is becoming more and more emotional and polarizing. A calm and reflective handling of information is becoming more and more important for our future. The magazine creates a space to be focused.
               When we talk about climate change, the feeling of paralysis and impotence quickly rises – that is scaring. But as part of society, we all are creators of our future. Therefore, wa invites you to a diverse and objective discourse about our habitat, the economic and systemic change and the social and political dialogue about it.
               A small edition of the magazine was produced in riso and produced by me. It received attention through the final study exhibition and one copy is traveling through Germany right now.

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