Typographic artwork for a concert

Job project
Music teacher Nadja and Daniel Gädicke, Hamburg

June 2022

My part
Concept, Typographic Artwork,
Layout, Print
Bunkerpopup is a concert series with students of two music teachers – Nadja and Daniel Gädicke. Their teaching spectrum is from drums, guitar, bass to singing. They merge student bands together, which rehearse some songs and perform them together. The two are freelance music teachers and their practice room is located in an old Hamburg bunker, where they can practice undisturbed. 
Once a year the small music room opens its doors and invites to a concert – which is even a good learning and practice experience for their students. 
After a two-year break because of corona, the first concert took place in June 2022, for which I was allowed to create a handmade typographic interpretation. And to be part as a guitarist.

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