Cook smart and intuitive

Münster School of Design
Semester project
Summer semester 2018

My Part
Concept, Interface Design, Animation, Prototype
The Application offers an intuitive recipe search, a preparation mode with single steps of cooking and it saves your favorite recipes. EAT is aimed at people who spontaneously need an idea and inspiration for a recipe or want to use leftover ingredients.
               Instead of an overwhelming flood of images, you can easily select, remove or search ingredients in the first step. With the immediate recipe search, dishes can be placed on a stack to collect a few ideas before the final decision. A cookbook with favorite recipes can be created from permanent favorites.
               The recipes themselves are divided into ingredients and preparation to create an overview. While you are cooking, the app accompanies every single step and supports you with timers if something has to simmer or bake. These can be set in parallel and switched on and off using a smartwatch or smartphone. From searching and finding, to cooking, EAT intuitively accompanies the user.

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